MAY 2019

 PLANT TOUR - MAY 7, 2019


Nestle started in 1867 when Henri Nestle developed the first milk-based formula for babies who could not be fed by their mothers.

London is Ice Cream Central for Nestle Canada. The London plant, on Wilton Grove Road, was established about 52 years ago and produces about 99 per cent of the Nestle ice cream sold in Canada. Besides Haagen-Dazs and Drumsticks, the plant makes Parlour and Real Dairy brands, fruit ice pops, and various sundaes and bars based on candy and cookies such as Kit Kat, Coffee Crisp and Oreos.

To keep up with demand the plant underwent a $51 million expansion in 2018.

                            Nestle can accomodate 10 people with steel toe caps for their shoes - first come - first serve to register for this event.

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Location:  Nestle Canada In.

                   980 Wilton Grove Road, London Ontario            

Agenda:  5:00 pm – Registration

                 6:00 pm -  Tour Begins

Cost:  n/c

Nestle can accomodate 10 people with steel toe caps for their shoes - first come - first serve to register for this event.

However, more people can attend if they bring their own steel toe shoes


We are business casual in the office (including jeans).  Nestle is a fragrance free facility.  For going out on to the factory floor you must wear long pants, closed toe shoes (no high heels), no jewellery.  Shoe covers (limited number), hair nets, bump caps, lab coats, hearing protection and safety glasses will be provided.  Feel free to bring your own safety shoes, hearing protection and safety glasses.


There are a few visitor spots at the 401 end of the lot, if all visitor spots are occupied then you will have to find a spot in amongst the employee parking.

There are two buildings onsite.  Please continue past the small building and follow the drive to the main factory building farther away from Wilton Grove road.  The speed is limited in this area and there are many large trucks and pedestrians, so please drive slow!    Please be sure to follow the arrows and signage in the parking lot, as well as follow the pedestrian walk ways.  (There are limited visitor parking spots on the north side of the parking lot).  All parking in the lot must be done at a rear-angle reverse.  You will back into the parking space so the front of your car is facing the driving aisle.  When leaving the space, you will be facing forward to allow for a full view of traffic and pedestrians, setting you up for a safe departure. To facilitate the rear angle parking, the parking lot has specific one-way driving directions (there are signs and painted arrows to help direct and explain).  Once parked, follow the yellow-striped walking path to the brick wall with a black iron fence and follow it to the front reception.  Sign in with reception and they will let me know you have arrived. 

Reverse angle parking is easy as 1-2-3!

1. SIGNAL to park.

2. Pull forward and STOP.

3. REVERSE and back-in to the space.

Deadline to register for this event is Tuesday, May 1, 2019

For more information or to register for this meeting, please click on link