Student Chapter

The APICS Fanshawe College Student Chapter was formed on February 25, 2014 and currently has 224 members. APICS Student Membership is FREE..

Academic Advisor: Angela |Reid-Regier - email:

Academic Advisor: Steven Levson - email:

APICS Fanshawe College Student Chapter Executive Board 2020-2021

Pesident Brittany Wilson -  email:

Vice President Programs Ian Bossy -  email:

Vice President Education Erik Mia -  email:

Secretary Prithvi Kumar Chinnappan -  email:

Treasurer Jay Thakkar emai - :



APICS Fanshawe College Student Chapter Case Competition 2020-2021

Congratulations to the APICS Fanshawe Student Chapter  who have advanced to the first round entries of the ASCM Case Competition.


Team Members: Kosiso Simon-Ebo, Marcela Servellon Marquez, Jan Christian Baltazar, Riddhi Shirish Deshmukh

Team Members: Thanh Thao Trinh, Thao Chu Huong, Marina Hatsumi Hamassaki, Quang Huy Thai