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Certification exams are now computer-based, and are only offered at Pearson Vue Professional Centre, 1069 Wellington Road S., Suite 222 Century Centre, London Ontario and Trios College 520 First St. London, Ontario and Trios College 7610 Tecumseh Rd.,E., Windsor, Ontario.  What does this mean for you?  Instant results, no pen and paper, and the ability to take the exam at your own convenience..  Please feel free to contact us at  with any questions!

Schedule of APICS Courses

CANCELLED APICS CPIM Part 2-Windsor, Ontario

CPIM Part 2 Content Outline:

  1. Master Planning of Resources (MPR)

This section includes principles and techniques of demand management, sales and operations

planning, master scheduling, and distribution planning. It includes forecasting, order servicing,

demand shaping, customer relationship management, and distribution network and replenishment. Also included is the integration between the sales and operations plan, production plan, and master production schedule.

  1. Detailed Scheduling and Planning(DSP)

This section includes principles and techniques of inventory management, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, and procurement and supplier planning. Recognizing the importance of supply chain management, this subject area also covers deployment of supply chain strategies related to scheduling, planning, and sourcing.This supports the strategies and objectives established by the company, as constrained by lead time, cost, equipment, personnel, sustainability considerations, or other constraints.  This encompasses requirements to bridge the master planning with the execution and control subject areas.

  1. Execution and Control of Operations (ECO)

This section encompasses the principles and techniques necessary to execute, control, and manage operations, and participate in design decisions. This subject area provides feedback about how good plans are being executed, as well as providing information for customers and suppliers about the status of services and products in process. The importance and emphasis of these approaches are relative to the operation’s environment, the labor environment, the physical organization of the facility, and the effectiveness of management and employees.

  1.  Strategic Management of Resources (SMR)

This section includes higher-level thinking on strategic planning and implementation of operations. This requires an understanding of how market requirements and strategic position of the organization drive the resources and processes of an organization.  This includes how operational are developed and implemented, change management and risk implications.

Sart Date: Saturday,  April 4, 2020

End Date:  Saturday, June 6, 2020

Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: TBA

NOTE:  NO CLASS ON APRIL 11, 2020, MAY 2, 2020 AND  MAY 16, 2020

Registration Deadline:   March 25, 2020

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YEAR AT A GLANCE 2019-2020

Type Course Title Spring 2020 Fall 2020 Winter 2020
CPIM CPIM Part 2 Windsor    
CLTD Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution   London  
CPIM CPIM Part 2   London  
CSCP Certified in Supply Chain Professional   London  
CPIM CPIM Part 1     London
CPIM  CPIM Part 1     Windsor