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Troy Alves, CPIM, CSCP

APICS London & District Chapter Member

Published June 13, 2016

In October of 2007 I made the transition from a Supervisor in a fast paced manufacturing environment to a scheduler.  The change forced me to turn my focus on executing the plan to establishing the plan.  I was lucky to have a couple of Material Managers to guide me in the right direction.  Their leadership and knowledge allowed me to grow in my new position and laid down the groundwork which lead me to wanting to increase my role in the supply chain at work.   As time went on I moved into the Master Scheduler position and realized the field of Supply Chain Management was more complex and decided to take steps to increase my knowledge. 

 I decided on the CPIM certification due to APICS being a standard that is used across the globe and would help when working in a multi-national company.  I chose the instructor led courses which turned out to be the best experience anyone should do when looking towards their certifications.  The instructors have a vast knowledge of all the topics and tools that are being taught.  They can give you great real world examples and the interaction with the other classmates allows for a more detailed understanding of the tools being taught.  The understanding that you get from all the courses can be used in everyday opportunities. 

After getting my CPIM certification in 2015 I wanted to grow my knowledge further and signed up for the CSCP classes.  Again the instructors and interaction with fellow colleagues looking for the same knowledge was an asset.   During this time I was ask to go to a few of our other plants to discuss opportunities with other key people throughout our organization.  The body of knowledge that was covered in both the CPIM and CSCP was beneficial in our discussions.  Everyone from all departments and levels of management understood the basics of what was being targeted and APICS was a key reason for the success.
Just before passing the CSCP exam in 2016 I was asked to move into the Materials Manager position based on my commitment to growing my supply chain education.   With the APICS CPIM and CSCP certifications  it allowed me to confidently move into my new role knowing that I have a globally leading and accepted body of knowledge.